For Fiscal 2016, The District Has A Balanced Budget.

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Video Signals Supported Include: DVI, HDMI, VGA, S-Video, And Component Video.

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Fitch Rates Aurora West School District No. 129, IL's ULTGOs 'AA-'; Outlook Stable - Yahoo Finance

Absent this transfer, the district had an operating surplus of $2.7 million. For fiscal 2016, the district has a balanced budget. Management is expecting actual results to be better than budgeted as its current estimates do not take into account additional money for staff salaries and benefits that the district expects to receive from the state. At a minimum, the district is expecting a $129,000 surplus. In November 2015, the school board approved a tentative tax levy increase of nearly 5% which would result in $915,000 of additional operating fund revenue in fiscal 2016. The actual amount may be lower and will not be finalized until December. Fitch does not expect the increased funding to boost reserves. MANAGEABLE LONG-TERM DEBT AND PENSIONS With the current issuance, overall debt is manageable at $2,591 per capita and 5.1% of market value. Principal amortization is rapid at 96% in 10 years. Annual carrying costs (sum of debt service, pension, and other post-employment benefits but consisting mainly of debt service) are low at 10.3% of 2015 total governmental spending). In April 2015, voters approved an $84.2 million referendum to fund capital improvements including energy efficient systems, classroom additions and a new elementary school.

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