Marketable Capacity Is The Difference Between The Total Capacity Absorbed By The Market And The Predicted Capacity.

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Forensic Audit Is Examining The Evidence Regarding An Assertion Made In The Court Of Law.

Marketable capacity is the difference between the total capacity absorbed by the market and the predicted capacity. For any person outside the organization, the success or performance of the organization may not mean anything until they are measured and represented in terms of profits. Intrinsic value is the value of something by itself, irrespective of its use and whether it is used. Minimum wage is the legally fixed lowest per hour wage that can be paid to an employee. For Nominal Accounts, the rule is 'Debit all expenses or losses; credit all incomes and gains'. Remuneration is the act of paying for the goods purchased or services received. It gives the details regarding the incomes and expenses of the business over the accounting period. Capital commitment is a commitment to buy capital assets at a fixed time in the future. Ratio is a mathematical instrument, which helps compare the performance of two accounting results. The standard deductions, and itemized deductions are the principal deductions for US citizens. Cash discount is the discount allowed to the debtor to induce him to pay earlier. These are again of two kinds, viz. → Current liabilities, which are the liabilities that need to be paid off immediately in the coming financial year, either in cash or in the form or services. → Long-term liabilities are those liabilities which need not be paid off immediately. Managed receivables are those receivables on which the company performs billing and collection. Let's take a look at some important aspects of the job, the educational background required, and compensation that can be expected. Statement of Retained Earnings' Statement of retained earnings gives the details of how the retained earnings of the company are being utilized.

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Product Or Goods Is The Main Commodity, Which Is Sold By The Business To Generate Its Revenues.

Accounting income is the income earned by the business over the accounting year on an accrual basis. It is calculated by Acid Test Ratio = Total Liquid Assets / Current Liabilities. Taxable income is the income earned by an individual or a business entity on which the tax liability is decided. An accounting period is usually for a year. Insolvency is a situation where an entity's liabilities exceed its assets and cannot be paid off. Operating margin is the ratio, which compares operating income to sales revenue. A bonus can be looked upon as the remuneration given to an employee in excess of the stipulated salary. It is the total capital divided into small individual parts. According to the American Institute of Certified Accountants AI CPA, accounting has been defined as “The art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof.”

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